Next generation x-ray microimaging

The challenge in x-ray imaging is the combination of contrast, resolution and speed. Our technology allows imaging of low-contrast samples, such as soft biological tissues, carbon fiber composites and other organic materials. This is combined with high resolution and short exposure times. Of course, you can have it three dimensional. We have used our deep knowledge and long experience in x-ray phase-contrast tomography, optimization of liquid-metal-jet x-ray sources and characterization of x-ray cameras to be able to create the best imaging system for your applications.

Supreme technology

State-of-the-art technology for imaging of organic and other low-Z samples.

Customized solutions

We build x-ray imaging systems that suit your specific needs.

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Top image: Circada nymph – art project by Goldin+Senneby, acquired using the Exciscope technology.


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