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Growing your imaging capabilities

Phase-contrast CT is uniquely adept at imaging low contrast materials such as biomaterials. This capability opens the door for 3D imaging of plant-life for study of their structure, health, and growth. Additionally, phase-contrast CT is nondestructive, allowing for a more accurate internal view of the plant while keeping it intact, helping to identify internal defects as well as diseases/pests within a plant. Rosehip is the edible bud of a variety of rose plants, which can be susceptible to a wide variety of pests and diseases. The bud is composed of the hypanthium (thick outer shell of the bud) as well as the achene (tissue surrounding individual seeds) and fine filaments throughout. The Exciscope Polaris provides great contrast between these components, allowing for easy internal imaging. 

(Top) 2D axial virtual slice of a rosehip bud with a region of interest of same slice. Main features of the rosehip are all clearly visible, with fine pores in the achene and filaments resolvable down to ~12 µm in diameter. Filaments can easily be tracked throughout the entire sample as highlighted in the 3D rendering (bottom).

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