Fast Imaging (4D)

Going beyond 3D

Exciscope Polaris’ high brightness source allows for imaging speed on an in-house system only previously feasible at synchrotron facilities. The high power of the source can allow for extremely fast scanning as well as tracking on-going processes (3D imaging over time, or so-called 4D imaging). An example of this capability can be shown by studying the rising of bread dough. CO2 bubbles forming due to the fermentation/leavening process are easily tracked over a period of time. As doughs can take 1-4 hours to fully rise, this highlights another advantage of the Exciscope Polaris: securing several hours of beamtime on a synchrotron to studying dynamic processes like these can be extremely difficult, but now there is a commercial system available to scan them at your leisure.

Compilation of seven tomographies tracking the formation of bubbles during bread dough rising over a total period of 18 minutes, with each tomography being completed in under a minute.

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