Phase-contrast imaging made easy

High-quality 3D imaging relies on a number of factors including the sample material (size, density, composition, structure, etc.) as well as desired image requirements (resolution, contrast, scan time, etc.). The aim is to deliver technical solutions that satisfy as many of these requirements as possible, while remaining user-friendly and delivering outstanding images.


Exciscope Polaris

The Exciscope Polaris is a complete lab solution for phase-contrast tomography, delivering a unique combination of contrast, resolution, and speed. With its high-end specifications, large scannable volume, multiple detectors, advanced control and reconstruction software, it easily adapts to many different sample types and imaging situations.

The Exciscope Polaris incorporates the world’s brightest X-ray lab source, the MetalJet from Excillum, and a 7-axis µm-precision motion control system delivering imaging performance previously only possible at synchrotron facilities. An accurate and easy-to-use sample fixture system allows for external sample preparation to maximize utilization and your investment.

Combined, the Exciscope Polaris is an extremely versatile lab instrument that is configurable to fulfil our customers’ current needs as well as being upgradable to meet the demands of the future.

Exciscope Cloud

As tomography systems continue to progress, datasets are becoming increasingly large and difficult to manage. To proactively meet this growing demand, Exciscope has developed its own cloud computation software. This solution allows us to scale up data storage and computation power to your needs, regardless of size.

In addition, the cloud solution allows for concurrent users, which means no longer fighting for time on a local computer to look at your data and it allows you to better collaborate with your colleagues. And as long as you have a web browser, you can access your data and run/download your reconstructions from anywhere in the world, at any time. Research institutes, providing imaging services, can securely make data accessible to external customers.

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