Next generation x-ray microimaging

The challenge in x-ray imaging is the combination of contrast, resolution and speed. Our technology allows imaging of low contrast samples, such as soft biological tissues, carbon fiber composites and other organic materials. This is combined with high resolution and short exposure times. Of course, you can have it three dimensional.

Traditional absorption imaging suffers from low contrast in low-Z materials. Seeing slight internal variations is therefore very difficult. By using phase contrast, based on a different physical principle, the contrast in low-Z materials is drastically increased. With optimized equipment and data reconstruction, it is possible to see single cells within soft biological tissues, single carbon fibers in composite materials and much more!

We have used our deep knowledge and long experience in x-ray phase-contrast tomography, optimization of liquid-metal-jet x-ray sources and characterization of x-ray cameras to be able to create the best imaging system for your applications.

Phase-contrast CT system

Our phase-contrast CT systems come as a complete solution, including state-of-the-art hardware and advanced software to enable demanding imaging tasks. The combination of contrast, resolution and speed is unique! For more details, read our product brochure or get in touch with us!

Custom design

While most x-ray systems manufacturers just want to sell their line product, we are eager to listen to your needs and design a product optimized for you. We select the best equipment for the specific application, optimize the whole setup for every sample type and adapt the algorithms and software to get the best possible image quality within the limits you set.

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