X-ray imaging

Next generation x-ray microimaging

Exciscope are experts in 3D microimaging of low-density materials. Our products deliver a unique combination of contrast, resolution, and speed. Regardless of if you’re new to x-ray imaging and want to explore what’s inside your materials, or an experienced researcher in phase contrast imaging, we’ll support your needs.

See what phase-contrast brings to your applications

Utilizing a strong lab x-ray source, multiple detectors, and a unique design, the Exciscope system can fit into your research across a variety of fields, bringing you fast high-resolution scans of low-contrast samples within a compact design

The Exciscope Polaris: A Complete Imaging Solution

The Exciscope Polaris is a phase-contrast tomography system that provides a unique combination of contrast, resolution and speed.

Unlock powerful reconstruction with our cloud reconstruction software

As datasets continue to grow and become less manageable for you, we see the value in offering our cloud service that scales to meet your needs. Access your data and perform reconstructions anywhere in the world with our web-based cloud reconstruction software


Imaging as a service

Need expert input? Need to round out measurements for a project? Look no further! From one-off measurements to imaging on a regular basis, we are happy to help scan your samples at our facility.

Want to know more about our product?

Reach out today to discuss anything with our world-class team and learn more about how phase contrast imaging can help you.


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