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Open positions

Full-stack developer

Are you a full-stack developer that wants to be a part of taking cutting-edge research to the market? We are building advanced x-ray imaging equipment that sends huge amounts of data to the cloud and need help building our software. Interested? Come work with us!

About the position

Initially, you will be working with:

  • Setting up a web front end (Svelte) and designing the user experience for creating, managing, and visualizing 3D tomographic scans.
  • Building a web backend (NodeJS/Azure Functions) to coordinate between front end, our x-ray device, and big data pipeline.
  • Building data pipelines (Python) for processing huge amounts of tomography data.
  • Setting up Azure cloud infrastructure as code (Terraform) and continuous delivery pipelines.

As a start-up company our work evolves quickly. Depending on your interests there will also be other opportunities, for example:

  • IoT Telemetry
  • Implementation of image processing algorithms
  • Managing Windows-based X-ray devices
  • C++ development in X-ray device

Who are you?

  • Likes innovation and want to join our mission to revolutionize medical imaging.
  • Are conscious about quality but know when something is good enough.
  • Can work independently but is not hesitant to ask for help.
  • Enjoy to both teach others and learn from others.
  • Enjoy working in a team with agile CI/CD practices.
  • Bring us new perspectives and tell us when you disagree.
  • Are not afraid to get your hands dirty to solve unexpected problems.

About Exciscope

Exciscope is a young tech company, but the technology we use is based on many years of academic research and experience by the founders. Our purpose is to develop our technology to improve people’s lives. The present team consists of eight employees with expertise in x-ray science, software engineering and mechanical engineering.

The Exciscope technology provides the next-generation x-ray microimaging. We build phase-contrast x-ray tomography systems featuring unprecedented resolution, contrast, and speed. Our x-ray microimaging produces cellular-resolution 3D volume images of centimeter-sized samples, with excellent contrast in soft materials, such as biomedical tissues, food, and plastic. The Exciscope technology will open new market segments for industrial inspection and product development in addition to enabling virtual histology for medical applications.

Exciscope is a company with an innovative and open mentality. We are excited to build the best x-ray phase-contrast imaging systems, and this drives us to work hard while also having fun. Still, we believe that our ambitious plans can be combined with a healthy work-life balance.    

This is a full-time position located at our premises in Kista, Stockholm. Based on what works best for you, we can offer flexible policies for remote work.

Apply now!


Applications will be evaluated continuously so send in your application now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at recruiting@exciscope.com. We look forward to hearing from you!