Working at Exciscope

Exciscope is a recently founded company with an innovative and open mentality. We are excited to build the best x-ray phase-contrast imaging systems, and this drives us to work hard while also having fun. Still, we believe that our ambitious plans can be combined with a healthy work-life balance.

Open positions

We currently have an open position as software developer posted below. When we have other open positions, they will also be posted here.

Are you also enthusiastic about creating a new product with ambitious specifications, but no open position suits you? You are welcome to submit an open application by getting in contact with us!

Open position: Software developer

Job description

We are looking for a person to join our team as software developer. Since we are building a system from scratch, you will have large influence in all aspects of software design and selection of development methods. Initially, you will work across the entire range of software development, from system architecture to tiny code details and from hardware-related programming to building user interfaces. Therefore, an ability to learn new programming languages and techniques will be valuable. As our team grows, you will have the opportunity to focus more specifically or take a leading role. This is a full-time position with start according to agreement.


We expect that you are an open-minded person who likes innovation and learning new things. If something unexpected arises, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty to solve the problem. Additionally, we hope that you:

  • Have an academic degree related to IT or engineering
  • Have at least a few years professional experience in software development
  • Have some knowledge of C/C++ programming and excellent ability to learn
  • Have good ability to work in multiple programming languages and to combine them
  • Have professional knowledge in English

About us

Exciscope AB is a recently founded tech company in Stockholm, Sweden. We are developing our first product, a standalone x-ray phase-contrast tomography system. This development is composed of many parts ranging from x-ray physics, image quality, application understanding, hardware design and software design. The present team consists of physicists who are now looking to hire the first coworker completely dedicated to software. Exciscope currently operates from AlbaNova Universitetscentrum, Stockholm, but plans to move to Kista, Stockholm, in a not too distant future.

The Exciscope technology provides the next-generation 3D x-ray microimaging. We build phase-contrast x-ray imaging systems featuring unprecedented resolution, contrast and speed. Our x-ray microimaging produces cellular-resolution 3D volume images of centimeter-sized samples, with excellent contrast in soft materials, such as biomedical tissues, food and plastic. The Exciscope technology will open new market segments for industrial inspection and product development in addition to enabling virtual histology for medical applications.


Please apply for this position by e-mail to William Twengström, Include your resume and a personal letter (max. 400 words) describing why you are interested in this position. We will evaluate candidates continuously, so please send us your application as soon as possible. Please direct questions to the above e-mail address.